Vintage handmade one-off scratch-built toy aluminum/steel crane.
Probably 1950/60's?
Wheeled base with rotatable cabin containing working ratcheted barrel winch for winding in & out of arm and a 2nd working ratcheted barrel winch for winding in & out of claw/light, ratchets & winches controlled with handles on outside of cabin.

Aluminum roof, claw/light and cables are new sympathetic additions
to this vintage engineer-made crane.
3kg weight, height to cabin roof 20cm, base 20cm Sq, Arm 30cm long,
max length 40cm, max height 48cm

Latest energy-saving electrics fitted for PAT'd light in claw.
Standard UK 3Amp mains plug on switched cable wired into 15W DC 12V IP67-300W Power Transformer (in base) through G4 Ceramic Lamp Holder to G4 10W 12V LED Halogen Capsule Light bulb. Equivalent power to 25W standard desk light bulb, long-lasting, easy to replace, very little heat given-off and very cheap to buy!

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£250 + Postage

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